Saturday, May 15


I had my first go at mocking up an article, and printing it. I decided to go with my idea of a twist on page 3 - The Sexy Page 3 Spud, as it will contain a doctored picture, so I get to have a play with that too.

Okay, so here we have my real one as reference. Or one of my references anyway. I've used a couple of different page 3's to get some variance. I thought it was best to censor it. I also cut the top of her head off. Not because that was rude too, she was just too big for my scanner.

So the first step of making my own was to make my page 3 girl. Who incidently is a potato. With a Bikini on. So I set to work peeling a swimsuit into my tasty tatty.

Isn't she pretty

So now I had to start mocking up the layout of the page, using the real page 3 as a guide, trying to copy the typefaces and styles as best as I could.

The potato looked a bit odd by itself so I thought I'd put it on a nice beachy background, blurring it a little so it looked like the depth of field.

I printed it out using my inkjet printer to see if it would work. Which it did, nicely. This is a scan of what it looks like, after being strategically placed in my bag for a day so it got a bit tatty round the edges.

I'm so happy with the way this turned out. Despite the fact it's obviously not finished as it's just a test, it's starting to look really real.