Sunday, May 2


This week I have been thinking about what sort of stories I will write - coming up with vague subject matters, and twists on existing sections, some which reflect my newspaper research, some which really don't. Some are really outrageous. At this stage I'm still not sure whether I should go for the serious approach, or the piss-take approach.

Part of me wants to take the light hearted route, as feel a lot more suited to this kind approach, as most of the stories I have come up with have just naturally been quite ludicrous. This part of me wants this to be funny. I actually want to make people laugh. But then does that mean I have to sacrifice some credibility?

The other part of me wants to make these stories believable. Completely believeable. So people could read the whole thing and not bat an eyelid, and just walk away thinking it was true. Then I would have successfully conned them. But I kind of feel like that isn't the most important thing anymore. I feel like I've moved on from the whole 'making people out to be fools' thing.

I will get some feedback on what people think about this, and the story ideas I have so far, and make a decision, because right now, both ideas seem like they could work so I'm reluctant to ditch one.

I have now started a whole new book, just for story writing, as it is a big part of my project. I will use each page as a seperate little space for me to build each story on.