Sunday, March 14


I've had a little research session that has given me a number of resources to look through. I started off reading bout propaganda, and the reasons behind it, and then went on a little investigative journey.

I started off here:
Propaganda Leaflet Archive 
Nazi and East German Propaganda

Both full of amazing resources. All propaganda plays on people's strongest emotions, whether it be fear, or love, it's all a bit scaremongery. This is why it worked so well.

Propaganda Techniques
Techniques are designed to fool the audience. They appeal to emotions rather than reason.

Propaganda Critic
This has told me that propaganda does not have to be as blatant as a swastika. It can be as subtle as a joke.

Chinese Propaganda Posters
All very powerful, positive imagery

More links:
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Visiting Edward Bernays
History is a Weapon by Edward Bernays
How Americans are propagandized about Afghanistan
Is Government Propaganda Legal?
Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky
The Pacific War Online Encyclopedia: Propaganda
Two Ways of Looking at Propaganda
U.S. Navy Recruiting Poster Archive
U.S. Propaganda in the Middle East - Early Cold War
World War Posters
Sacred Congregation of Propaganda
The Dogma Collection
Wiki - Lie
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Wiki - Psychological Manipulation
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Wiki - Cognitive Dissonance
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These resources are all starting to lead me to the same conclusions - that persuasion is all about weakness.