Sunday, March 21


I have been researching famous lies, and also common lies. I have been discussing with people what they think are lies told often, why you would lie, and who you would lie to.

Why we lie is what interests me here. I have done some more research on this:

Real Simple - The Truth About Lying

We lie to:
Save face - if you've gone wrong, this is a weakness. You don't want people to see your weaknesses. It's self preservation.
Shift blame -  because nobody likes being in the wrong, or being in trouble.
Avoid confrontation - nobody likes uncomfortable talk, or people feeling bad.
Get one's way - for personal gain. a completely selfish act.
Save someone's feelings - because telling someone a lie is easier if the truth may hurt their feelings. some people react badly to some truths
Make oneself feel better - for reassurance

It seems that a lot of lying is tied to self esteem. We worry about how we seem to others. This backs up my theory that if you play on people's insecurities, you can control them.