Monday, April 19


Today was the first day back at college, we did some group work in which we wrote a summary of our proposal, and then we all got to go round the room and read each others, and stick post-it note comments on them. This was mine:

The first comment was from Frank. Thank you Frank, however way ahead of you, I've been watching Brass Eye all Easter.

The second comment - There are elements in the media that I find funny, like the comment says, too sensational/trivial/negative, and I definitely want reflect this in my work.

This has made me raise some questions about my idea:
Will the stories be serious and politically motivated? Will making this newspaper be about me making a stand about the things in the news I disagree with? Is this the way I really want to go? Is it really me? With me being the way I am I feel more inclined with this project to be taking the piss out of the media, rather than taking a serious slant, that's all a bit angry and protesty. But then maybe if I did take this approach, it might be more effective? I need to think about this.

I have also thought about some other issues:
  • Is the newspaper itself going to be fake? As in the title. Will it be an existing newspaper? A made up one? Or a slight variation on a real one (e.g. The Morning Standard/The Motro)
  • Depending on the outcome of the previous point, what kind of newspaper will I make? If I use an existing one, which one? I like the idea of a red top. I can be a bit more ridiculous with the stories and they way they are written.
  • Printing. How many issues can I print? If any? This worries me. If I can only print a small amount copies, then this limits me on my experimenting. I wont be able to leave it on the train for someone to pick up, because if they get off the train with my only spare copy, I'd have to run after them. It would not be practical. If I can't print a whole newspaper at all, then I will have to figure out how I can overcome this. But I will research printing first before worrying about that.
  • I want to record people's reactions. The way I'd like to do this is to secretly film them whilst they discover my paper. But will there be issues with this? Would it be worth the hassle? Perhaps I could interview them? But would that look as good as part of my final work? It would be nice to have something to actually show.