Sunday, April 25


I have been doing research on printing. I have checked out several places that print whole newspapers, but they are all so expensive, and often require you to print a minimum amount of copies. The minimum being 500. It is cheaper when it comes to black and white printing, but I don't think that's an option. The whole point of my newspaper is for it to look real. If it was black and white it just wouldn't look the part. So now it looks like I wont even be able to print a whole newspaper unless I do it myself.

So making a whole newspaper seems like a bit of an awkward task. Plus I have been worrying that it is a bit too ambitious for the time scale, once I've done all my newspaper related research and feel ready to start making, I'll be trying to write a whole newspaper in less than a month. A perfect looking newspaper. By myself. Too scary.

So I'm a bit stuck now. But I have a crit tomorrow. I aim to be back on track by tomorrow evening with a compromise on my idea.