Thursday, April 8


I want to start thinking about how I can tell my own lies. I have established that I need to make a reliable source for the lies to come from, and my research has lead me to start thinking about ways of communicating. To tell a lie you must communicate the lie.

Conversations - Face to face/Telephone calls
Social networking
Broadcasts - TV/Radio
Periodicals - magazines
Documents - Leaflets/Letters

After coming  up with several ways of communicating false information, and thought that the best way to make a reliable source was to mimic one that already existed. This way it gives the reciever a sense of familiarity. I believe that if my lie-reciever feels comfortable and is familiar with the platform on which they are recieving the lie, they will be much more likely to believe it.

By pretending to be something that is trusted, I can lead people astray.

I have had the idea of faking news. Everybody trusts the news. How could people refuse my lies if they saw it in a news report? I feel this is pretty foolproof :)

So there we are. I'm going to fake the news.